THE story

THE philosophy

An individual not only has a chronological age but also a biological age. While your chronological age is linked to the birthdate you find on your ID, the way a body ages biologically can be different for any of us. This aging process is linked to genetics, but also lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleeping habits.

The past decades, scientists have begun to unravel the molecular mechanisms behind the aging processes of our body. While the mechanisms are complex, it has become clear that aging can be combatted and slowed down by the right lifestyle choices and the right dietary choices.

At Zirtui, we're passionate about helping you live longer and healthier. No matter what age you are: you deserve a healthy, happy future! We all know that adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to keeping disease away. But sometimes you will need an extra push. This is where Zirtui steps in.

Our brand is deeply rooted in science, named after sirtuins - a group of proteins known for their vital role in regulating cellular mechanisms involved in aging. Studies have shown that sirtuins can positively influence the lifespan of certain organisms, earning them the title of “longevity genes”.

The Zirtui products are developed with the principles of aging in mind, and are designed to help support the biological age of your body. You are only as old as you feel! We've developed a range of supplements designed to optimize one’s healthspan, the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health and free from chronic disease.

Begin your journey with Zirtui today, and empower yourself and your body,

supported by the power of science.

THE founder

Zirtui was founded by Dr. Ellen Crabbe, PhD in Molecular Biology. After being
faced with the loss of close relatives due to cancer, Ellen started to
study the molecular mechanisms behind disease development, inflammation
and aging of the body. During her research, she developed a profound
interest in nutraceuticals and how these can positively influence your
health and longevity.It is Ellen’s goal to educate the wider public about longevity and to encourage them to take their health more seriously.How? By proactively taking care of their body in order to prevent complications further in life.

THE future

Our vision is taking care of your future now. We see a
healthy lifestyle as a practice of preventive medicine. That’s our
spirit: by providing scientific information, promoting a healthy
lifestyle and developing topnotch blends, we hope to help creating a
society in which aging and disease are no longer correlated.

Living for Tomorrow

Your choices now have an impact on later.

Join us on our mission!

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