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Support your biological age

  • Your new easy to implement habit
  • Patent-pending formula by certified scientists
  • Only natural ingredients

the ingredients

THE blend contains natural ingredients, ensuring long term benefits. Our scientists have developed a safe, Belgian notified and easy to consume formula that is patent pending. Find out what’s in it!

Ingredient Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate extract

Ingredient Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts

Ingredient Niacin


Ingredient Resveratrol


Ingredient Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Ingredient Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Ingredient Betaine / trimethylglycine

Betaine / trimethylglycine


Zirtui provides me that little pick-me-up on ‘Monday Blues’ kind of days. I’ve experienced a very noticeable difference in my energy levels compared to last year’s winter. It’s a game changer to keep you going all year. Definitely recommending Zirtui to all my clients.

Sander (25)

Been taking my daily dose of Zirtui for a few months now. Easy to mix in a yoghurt or hot drink (which now turns green). People usually react with disbelief when I tell them how old I am. And I would love to keep it that way!

Christ (67)

Every morning, my girlfriend and I drink our green Zirtui drink. Just a couple of seconds with the mixer and our drink is ready. I'm 53 but my biological age indicates I’m in my 40s. Zirtui keeps me young!

Johan (53)

As a personal coach, I find it important to look fresh and healthy every day. I've noticed a significant difference since I started taking a daily dose of Zirtui full of vitamins. Usually, I don't really have a proper meal in the morning. But Zirtui has changed that, as I take it with a bowl of yoghurt and some muesli now. Breakfast has become a consistent part of my morning routine. It instantly gives me a great feeling. My skin looks better and it's definitely boosted my immune system. I especially recommend opting for an extra dose of Vitamin D during the winter months.

Laurence (43)

Zirtui. What’s in a name?

The name Zirtui is derived from the sirtuins, a group of longevity proteins that are central players in the regulation of cell mechanisms involved in aging. Sirtuins act together with cofactor NAD+ and were shown to positively influence the lifespan of model organisms in which their function was studied. Today, sirtuins are primarily known as the “longevity genes”.

The past decades, scientists have begun to unravel the molecular mechanisms behind the ageing processes of our body. Ageing is a complex process that results in cells losing their ability to deal with damage, developed throughout our life. As a consequence, cells no longer perform as optimal as they once did.

While the mechanisms are complex, it has become clear that ageing can be slowed down by the right lifestyle choices and the right dietary choices.

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