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THE why

Ever wondered how old your body really is? Healthy aging is 80% lifestyle and 20% genetics. But to understand how you best tailor your lifestyle to your needs, you need to know your genetics. Each human being has a unique DNA profile. Tiny variations in our DNA may influence the way we respond to our surroundings. This may for instance reflect in certain food intolerances, or how we metabolize certain foods, vitamins and minerals. In turn, our lifestyle choices may also introduce alterations in our DNA (so-called DNA methylation). The process is called epigenetics and affects your biological age. By measuring the variabilities in your DNA, you’ll get more information on the actual age of your body (biological age) and how you can optimize your lifestyle to become a younger, healthier version of yourself.

THE details

THE DNA kit - Know your inside

Unlock the secrets of your genetics and become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

We partnered with Muhdo to provide you with the best information on your genomic health and biological age. Collect a little bit of saliva (no blood involved!) and send it to the lab.  Through an ingenious algorithm our test is able to evaluate your epigenetic profile and your biological age. Consult your result in our app and implement the results immediately in your lifestyle!

THE benefits

By understanding what is hidden in your DNA code  you get in the driver’s seat of your health. Learn about possible food intolerances, the best activities for your health, what vitamins and minerals can affect your health and much more!

THE instructions

  • Receive your unique DNA analysis and epigenetic profile through a simple saliva test. No blood involved!
  • Receive information about inflammation, your biological age, eye age, memory age and hearing age, but also suggestions about your diet, fitness and overall health. 
  • Consult your analysis and personalized plan at all times through an app.

With additional tools to determine your cognitive functions and your biological age based on your facial features Our test is secure and confidential and  your data is anonymized.

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