DNA and biological age analysis

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Each human being has a unique DNA profile. Tiny variations in our DNA (so-called SNPs) may influence the way we respond to our surroundings. This may for instance reflect in certain food intolerances, or the way you are able to take up vitamin and minerals. By analyzing your DNA, you’ll get important information about your health and your dietary and nutritional needs. This information may help you optimizing your lifestyle. Unlock the secrets of your genetic health to become a healthier, happier you.

In addition to an analysis of the variations in your DNA, the test also looks at your epigenetic profile. For a long time it was thought that DNA was invariable. However, that is not correct. While the building blocks of your DNA stay the same, your genes may contain certain flags (so-called DNA methylation) on specific locations that may influence their performance and expression. This process is called epigenetics, and is influenced by your lifestyle choices. Ultimately, it will also affect your biological age. Through an ingenious algorithm our test is able to evaluate your epigenetic profile and your biological age. Through a simple saliva test you’ll get insights in how your lifestyle choices can affect your biological age.


After receiving your saliva sample, we will send you a thorough analysis based on 100+ physical properties. This analysis comprises 5 epigenetic reports (your biological age, eye age, memory age, hearing age and information on inflammation) that will result in many insights. Starting from this research, you will receive valuable plans on your diet, fitness and overall health that you can implement right away. You will be able to consult this analysis and your customized plans using  the Muhdo app.

Why did we partner with Muhdo?

Muhdo was founded by a team of scientists in Genetics, Epigenetics, Exercise and Nutrition and has developed one of the most extensive DNA analysis tool on the market. Their focus on epigenetics allows you to evaluate your biological age and to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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